Golden tears    (video)



From a Chevy to a Lincoln, from paper shades to curtains,

           C                                         G

from neon lights to crystal chandaliers.


From cut glass to diamonds, up that ladder she's climbing,

  G       - D               G

crying        golden tears.


                 C                  G            C                                  G

1. Well, I traded in my Levi's for high heels and flowing gowns,

                   C                         G

    and the parties, and the swimming pools,

                     D                  G

    and the scenic view of town.


                             C                             G

2. Now she once told me, she didn't need love,

                      C                                                  G

    and that money would see her through the years.

                     C                       G                     D                            G

    That's the last time, that I saw him in my eyes full of golden tears.




                             C                      G

3. Well, now her picture is in the papers,

                       C                                       G

    at country clubs with lots and lots of good times.

                     C           G                             D                           G

    But my smile is artificial because the story is between the lines.


+  CHORUS (2x)  ….


    (Dave & Sugar)