Goldwatch blues


      Am                                                               E    Am

1. I went up for my interview on the fourth day of July,

                                                                    E       Am

    personnel man he questioned me, till I nearly died.

                                                    E            Am

    Made me fill in forms, until I shook with fear,

                      \                    \                                E             Am

    about the colour of my toilet-room and if my cousin`s queer.


  \                       \                                           E            Am

    Here`s your goldwatch and the shackles for your chain,

  \                                                          E           Am

and a piece of paper, saying that you left here sane.

        \                                                   E         Am               

And if you have a son, who wants a good career,

                                                                                  E    Am

just get him to sign on the dotted line, and work for fifty years.


    Am                                                     E      Am

2. He asked me how many,  jobs I`ve had before,

                                                                E               Am

    he nearly had a heart-attack, when I answered : four!

       \                                                      E     Am

    Four jobs in twenty years, that can never be,

                                                             E      Am

    we only take a man,  who`ll work until he dies.  + CHORUS

          Am                                                                E          Am

3. He took me outside to where the gravestones stand in line.

                                                                      E       Am

    This is where we bury them, quick stone and in lime.

                                                                     E        Am

    And if you come to wok for us, this you must agree,

           \                                                       E       Am

    that if you`re going to die, please do it during tea-break. + CHORUS

             Am                                                        E         Am

4. This story that you`ve heard, you may think rather queer,

                                                     E           Am

    but it`s the truth, you`d be surprised to hear.

                                               E           Am

    I didn`t really want, a job upon the board,

                \                                                               E      Am

    I just wanted to take a broom, and sweep the bloody floor. + CHORUS