Gonna buy me a dog    (video)


   E ~ ~                         E

1.         You know my girl just called me up,


    and she woke me from my sleep.


    You should have heard the things she said,


    you know she hurt my feelings deep.


                                   A                                         E

I'm gonna buy me a dog, ‘cause I need a friend now,

                                   A                                            B7

I'm gonna buy me a dog, my girl don't love me no how.



2. She used to bring my newspaper,


    ’cause she knew where it was at,


    she used to keep me so contented,


    but I can teach a dog to do that !         +  CHORUS


(1,2,3..1234567..Hike!Hike!Hike! I was late on that one. I just got

back from Africa, ya know, I was playing cards with the natives..oh, Zulus ?..No, I usually won, ha-ha. I wish I had a glass of water..

Why, are you thirsty? No, I want to see if my neck leaks. I'd buy a raccoon but  John already has one..$35 bucks. Where do I come in? Here?)

                  +  CHORUS


(I think I'm gonna buy me a dog, yes sir..I'm gonna buy me a dog.

If I was looking for a word to describe what I'm gonna buy I think dog

would be the word. Would it be dog? It would be dog. Definitely dog.

It would come springing from my lips, dog..Boing, boing boing.

It would be springing! Is that it, Tommy?Can you turn it off please?

Can somebody open the door and let us out?

They're coming to take us away! Ha-ha, he-he, ho-ho.) ....


    (The Monkees)