Gonna take a lot of river    (video)


    F - G - G7 - C


                         C                                                  G

1. I ain’t gonna ride no rail or hitchhike down no highway,

                G                                               C

    I ain’t going nowhere feeling the way I do.

                          C                                                        G

    Because my baby’s long gone and nothings going my way,

                     G                                                                    C

    I’m gonna let this muddy water just a-wash away my blues.


                                     C                                      G

It’s gonna take a lot of river to keep this broken heart a-float,

                               G                                            C

gonna take a lot of river running all the live long day.

                                     C                                                G

Gonna take the Mississippi, the Monongahela and the Ohio

                               G                                          C

gonna take a lot of river to wash these blues away.



2. Well, I wish I was a tugboat a-pushing


    and a-pulling them barges along

       G                                                                              C

    moving on the water with a heart made of iron and steel.


    There wouldn’t be no woman that could ever take


    my love and then do me wrong,

                  G                                                            C

    I could work all day with nothing in the world to feel.




                      F                                G#

+  Is she in New Orleans, is she a Cajun queen ?

         A#                                   C

    I wonder what she’s doing now.

             F                               G#

    But if I know her she’s got rings and furs,

       A#                               F - G      - F - G

    struggling along someho.....w.






+  CHORUS (2x)


                                        G                                          C

+  It’s gonna take a lot of river to wash these blues away !


+  F - G - G7 - C


    (The Oak Ridge Boys)