Goodbye Sam, hello Samantha    (intro) (midi)



    Goodbye Sam, hello Samantha, goodbye Sam, hello Smantha.


       C                            Em                              Dm                      G

1. Sam, I'm leaving the gang, so don't come around for me on Sunday,

                                                            G7                          C

    Joe, I want you to know I'll have to skip the game on Monday.

      C7                                      F                        Dm

    Had a whole lot of fun, but now the time has come,

   C                                      G                             C     - F - G

   I need the sweet, sweet touch of a woman' s love.



Goodbye Sam, hello Samantha, goodbye Joe, hello Joanne,

 Dm            G                           C               F                 G

suddenly need a new kind of company. Someone to love me !


Goodbye Sam, hello Samantha, goodbye Lou, hello Luise,

 Dm              G                                     C

from today there'll be new games for me to play.

         F                      G            C

So, good luck and goodbye, Sam.


       C                                Em

2. Guys, you ought to get wise,

                                    Dm                          G

    there's more to the world than pool and fishing.

                                                 G7                                 C

    Easy ridin' is fine but look around, see what you're missing.

      C7                                      F                          Dm

    Girls are waitin' in line and now has come the time,

    C                           G                           C    - F - G

    I'm going out and I'm gonna get me some.          + CHORUS


           F                      G            C        F                    G

    + Good luck  and goodbye Sam, good luck and goodbye


    Goodbye Sam, hello Samantha (repeat last line and fade)...


(capo 2nd)                        


    (Cliff Richard)