Guiding light    (video)


    G ~ ~


     G                                          C                G

1. All day permanent red, the glaze on my eyes,

             G                                     C                                       G

    when I heard your voice, the distance caught me by surprise again.

                  D            C                         G

    And I know you claim that you're alright,

          Em                 G           Em                        C

    but fix your eyes on me, I guess I'm all you have.

                                    G                     D

    And I swear you'll see the dawn again !


               C                               G

Well, I know I had it all on the line,

                     Em                                                   D

but don't just sit with folded hands and become blind.

         C                                            G

Cos even when there is no star in sight,

         Em                                      D

you'll always be my only guiding light !


          G                                       C                   G

2. Relate to my youth, well, I'm still in awe of you,

           G                                              C                                     G

    discover some new truth that was always wrapped around you.

                            D                      C - G

    But don't just slip away in the ni.....ght,

                     D              C                   G

    don't just hurl your words from on high.          +  CHORUS


Am                                              G       - Am                             G

+   If we come back and we're broken,        unworthy and ashamed,

Am                                      G       - Am                                               D

    give us something to believe in,       and you know we'll go your way.


+  Am - G - Em - D       +  CHORUS (2x)      +  G


    (Mumford & Sons)