Always wanting you
A place to fall apart Are you sure Hank
done it this way
Big city Bobby wants a puppy
dog for Christmas
Branded man Carolyn
Cherokee maiden Daddy Frank
(The guitar man)
Everybody's had the blues Going where the lonely go
Grandma Harp Hungry eyes
I could have gone right If we make it
through December
I'll break out again tonight I'm a lonesome
I think I'll just stay
here and drink
It's all in the movies
It's not love I wonder if they
ever think of me
Kentucky gambler
Let's chase each other
around the room tonight
Love and honor
Mama tried Okie from Muskogee
Old man from the mountain Pancho and Lefty
Roses in winter Silver wings
Sing me back home Someday we'll look back
Someday when
things are good
Sometimes I dream
Swinging doors Teach me to forget
That's the way love goes
The bottle let me down The fighting side of me
The roots of my raising Things aren't funny anymore
Think about a lullaby Twinkle twinkle lucky star
Wake up Workin' man blues
Yesterday's wine You take me for granted