HIGH NOON    (intro)  (midi)



1.   Do not forsake me, oh my darling,


    on this our wedding day.

Dm                                          C Am    

    Do not forsake me, oh my darling,

      E                     G      -  G7

    waitin`, waitin`  long.



2.    I do not know what fate awaits me,

                                         F      - A

   I only know I must be brave,

Dm                                           C  

    for I must face a man who hates me

F                 C        - F                C

    or die a coward,     a craven coward,

F                C          F     G     C

    or die a coward  in   my grave.



2.   My doom will be the great Frank Miller,

                                           F       - A

    if I`m a man I must be brave,

Dm                                            C

    and I must face that deadly killer,

F                 C         - F               C

    or I`m a coward,     or I`m a coward,

F                 C         F    G     C

    or I`m a coward  in  my grave.

                  F                 C

    Waitin` long, waitin` long,       

                 F                  C -    G

    waitin` long, waitin` long.       


3.=1. + C


(midi = capo 5th)    (Tex Ritter / Frankie Laine)