Hitchhiker    (video)


    Em ~ ~     - Em - D - C - Em



1. When I was a hitchhiker on the road I had to count on you,

                                                                             D                 Em

    but you needed me to ease the load and for conversation, too.

           D                                C        

    Or did you just ride on through ?        +  Em



2. You didn't see me in Toronto when I first tried out some hash,

                                                                      D                     Em

    smoked some then and I'll do it again if I only had some cash.

          D                       C     

    If I only had some cash.               +  Am - Em



3. Then I tried amphetamines and my head was in a glass,

                                                                                  D               Em

    taped underneath the speedometer wires of my '48 Buick's dash.

                 D                        C

    But I knew that wouldn't last.         +  Em ~


         C                   G                     C                      G

+  Then came California, where I first saw open water,

               C                  G             D                         Em

    in the land of opportunity, I knew I was getting hotter.

          D                          C

    I knew I was getting hotter.        +  Am - Em ~



4. But the neon lights and the endless nights, they took me by surprise,

                                                          D                              Em

    the doctor gave me valium, but I still couldn't close my eyes.

        D                               C

    I still couldn't close my eyes.        +  Em


         C                     G              C                     G

+  Then came paranoia and it ran away with me,

         C                       G                  D              Em

    I couldn't sign my autograph or appear on TV.

            D             C

    Or see or be seen.        +  C ~






     G                              - C - G

5. Living in the country               sounded good to me,

C - G                                                                    D                  Em

         smoking grass with my Chicago lass in a real organic scene,

                 D                        C    ~

    where everything was green.


+  G - C    - G - CG    - G - CG



6. Then we had a kid and we split apart, I was living on the road,

                                                                      D                         Em

    a little cocaine went a long, long way to ease that different load.

                  D                      C

    But that ain't all that I know.        +  Em


        C                    G              C                G

+  I wish I was an Aztec or a runner in Peru,

                   C                           Em                D                        Em

    I would build such beautiful buildings to house the chosen few,

                 D                C

    like an Inca from Peru.       +  G - Em .....



    (Neil Young)