Howling at the moon    (video)


    F - Am - C - G


          F                                         Am

1. Where did the summer go ?  I found it in Monaco,

      C                            G

    dancing in Mexico, sushi in Tokyo.

         F                                             Am

    I wanna be where you are, and drive in a classic car,

      C                         G                           F

    Cuba is not so far, I can bring my guitar.


+  F - Am - C - G (2x)


                         F                                      Am

Baby, are we there yet ? Meet me at the sunset,

                          C       G

summer will be over soon.

                                    F                                Am

I’ll see you when you get there, but until we get there.

               C                      G

we’ll be howling at the moon.


                                               F - Am     C                      G

+  repeat CHORUS       +  Ahoo....oo, howling at the moon ! (2x)


          F                                      Am

2. Where is the summertime ? Take my back to Hawai,

        C                               G

    skyscrapers in Dubai, palaces in Versailles.

      F                                                   Am

    Someone should fly with me, have dinner in Sicily,

     C                                 G                                   F

    be who you wanna be right where you wanna be.


+  F - Am - C - G


                                          F - Am    C                       G

+  CHORUS (3x)      +  Ahoo....oo, howling at the moon ! (4x)