How many


       A                         A7

    If all the guys you ever knew

D                                    Dm

    were lined in column, two by two,

                A                       F#m                      E

    then I wonder just how many there would be.

               A                        A7

    And if all the guys she ever kissed,

D                                       Dm

    were marked on paper,       on a list,

                 A                         E                         A    - A7

    then I wonder, just how many there would be.


                         D                                           A

    Well, there must have been a million, for everywhere you go

            B7                                              E                    E7

    you seem so well acquainted, everybody says "Hello"!


              A                                 A7

    And if I could count all the broken hearts,

D                             Dm

    like mine will be if we should part,

                 A                        E                         A

    then I wonder just how many there would be.


+ repeat everything


   (Bill Haley)