Hurricanes    (video)


    Em - D - Bm - C


                   Em                          D

1. I wanna wake up with your weight by my side,

                         Bm                           C

    and I wanna think that you look good as you rise.

                         Em                         D

    And I wanna turn to you, turn around by your side,

                          Bm                     C

    and I wanna think, but not to say.


            - Em          - G                          Am

Let me          face         the sound and fury !

            - Em          - G         Am

Let me          face        hurricanes !


                          Em                      D

2. And I wanna see you as you walk through the door,

                           Bm                           C

    and time will make us some ways less and some ways more.

                         Em                                D

    And I wanna talk of nothing as the world passes by,

                          Bm                    C

    and I wanna think, but not to say.         +  CHORUS


                      Em                      G

+  Let me not turn away from happiness or pain,


    just not to run away in my heart and in my head.

                Em   - G           Am

    Let me face         hurricanes.        +  Em - G - Am  (5x)


               Em - G - Am                               Em

+  Hurrica……………..nes ! (4x)   +  Hurricanes !      +  CHORUS (2x)


    Em - G          Am              Em     - G            Am

+               Hurricanes, hurricanes          hurricanes.    +  Em - G - Am


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Dido)