I came to believe    (video)


    E - E7 - E - E7- A


    A                                                                           D

1. I couldn't manage the problems I brought on myself,

              E                                       E7                                   A

    and it just made it worse when I laid them on somebody else.

            A                                                                      D

    So I finally surrendered it all, brought down in despair.

        E                                 E7                                 A    - A7

    I cried out for help and I felt a warm comforter there.


           D                                                                   A

And I came to believe in a power much higher than I,

E                                 E7                         A      - A7

 I came to believe that I needed help to get by.    

       D                                                           A

In childlike faith, I gave in and gave Him a try,

           E                              E7                                 A

and I came to believe in a power much higher than I.


+  D - A    - E - E7 - A


      A                                                                       D

2. Nothin' worked out when I handled it all on my own,

             E                                                                   A

    and each time I failed, it made me feel twice as alone.

                   A                                                                        D

    Then I thought, "Lord, there must be a sure and easier way,

             E                                 E7                                         A  - A7

    for it just cannot be that a man should lose hope every day."


+  CHORUS        +  D - A


    (Johnny Cash)