I dig rock and roll music    (video)    (intro)    (midi)


    D        D7                                     D                                       D7

1. I dig Rock and Roll music, and I love to get the chance to play,

    D        D7                                    D                             D7

    I figure it's about the happiest sound going down today.

Bm                        G                         - Bm                     G

    The message may not move me,         or mean a great deal to me,

Bm                   E                          A - A7

    but, hey, it feels so groovy to sa........y.


    D             D7                                             D                                D7

1. I dig the Mamas and the Papas at "The Trip," Sunset Strip in L.A.,

              D              D7                                      D                                D7

    and they got a good thing going when the words don't get in the way.

Bm                             G                  - Bm                        G

    And when they're really wailing,         Michelle and Cass are sailing,

Bm                          E                     A - A7

    hey, they really nail me to the wa.........ll, yeah !


    D        D7                                D                                D7

3. I dig Donovan candles in a dream-like, tripped out way,

     D              D7               D                                   D7

    his crystal images just tell you 'bout a brighter day.

Bm                         G                 - Bm                        G

    And when the Beatles tell you,      they've got a word "love" to sell you,

Bm                    E                        A - A7

    they mean exactly what they sa.....y.


    D      D7                                        D                                 D7

4. I dig rock and roll music, I could really get it on in that scene,

    D       D7                               - D                                  D7

    I think I could say somethin'       if you know what I mean.

Bm            G                - Bm             G

    But if I really say it,           the radio won't play it,

Bm             E                           A - A7

    unless I lay it between the li.....nes !


     D - D7 - D - D7       - D - D7 - D - D7 .....

+ Bap ba....


    (Peter, Paul & Mary)