I don't believe you've met my baby    (video)


    A - A7 - D


             D                                          A

1. Last night, my dear, the rain was fallin’,

                    G                        A

    I went to bed so sad and blue,

       A      A7                     D

    then I had a dream of you.

          D                                          A

    I dreamed I was strolling in the evenin’

                G                           A

    underneath the harvest moon,

    A         A7                   D

    I was thinking about you.

              D                                    A

    And then you met me in the moonlight,

                              G                    A

    the stars were shining in your eyes,

      A     A7                        D

    but another was there, too.


+  D - A - G - A - A7 - D


         D                                           A

2. “I don't believe you've met my baby !”

                            G                            A

    You looked at him, you looked at me,

        A                     A7                      D

    I wondered who you were talking to.

           D                                  A

    I shook the hand of your stranger,

                       G                    A

    but I was shaking more inside,

    A        A7                     D

    I was still wondering who.

              D                                     A

    Your arm was resting on his shoulder,

                           G                          A

    you smiled at him, he smiled at you,

           A              A7                   D

    his eyes were filled with victory.








            D                                      A

    He said, “My sister wants to marry.”

                            G                             A

    And then my heart was filled with ease,

          A           A7                       D

    I knew that you would marry me.


    (Louvin Brothers)