If every day was like Christmas    (video)


    G - Cm - A7 - D


    G              Bm                   C     D        G

1. I hear the bells saying Christmas is near,

        C          D       G         Em 

    they ring out to tell the world

             A7                               D

    that this is the season of cheer !


    G             Bm                   C D               G     - G7

2. I hear a choir singing sweetly somewhere,

                C                  D                G                     Em

   and a glow fills my heart, I'm in peace with the world,

                 A7                                          D

    as the sound of their singing fills the air !


         G                      Cm                G

Oh, why can't every day be like Christmas ?

          G                       B7                 E

Why can't that feeling go on endlessly ?

           C        D                 G             Em

For if every day could be just like Christmas,

               C             D                      G

what a wonderful world this would be !


(orig. moves up a full note to capo 4th here)


    G             Bm              C         D         G

3. I hear a child telling Santa what to bring,

                     C       D        G    Em

    and the smile upon his tiny face

                     A7                            D

    is worth more to me than anything.


+  CHORUS       +  Cm - G


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Elvis Presley)