If the devil danced in empty pockets    (video)


    C - C7 - G - E - A7 - D7 - G


       C7                                                                            G

1. Diablo motors had a hell of a sale, downtown yesterday,

      C7                                                          A7                          D

    word got around, no money down, take years and years to pay.

             C7                                                                                       G

    When I got there the lot was bare, but the salesman said, hold on,

             C      A                  G             E     - A7           D7          G

    for a little cash, I gotta two-tone Nash         out behind the barn.


           G                                               A                           A7

If the devil danced in empty pockets, he'd have a ball in mine,

            D                                                              G                E     Am   - D

with a nine foot grand, a ten piece band and a twelve girl chorus line.

      G                                                                      A                       A7

I'd raise some loot in a three piece suit, give 'em one dance for a dime,

           C      A             G         E           A7               D7       G

if the devil danced in empty pockets, he'd have a ball in mine.


              C7                                                                            G

2. Well, he said, friend, it ain't the end, let's see what I can do,

               C7                                       - A7                           D

    if you own a home, I've got a loan,       tailor made for you.

                 C7                                                                                G

    Then above the racket a voice in my jacket said, "I'll tote the note."

             C                     A      G                 E             A7         D7         G

    The devil made me do it, talked me into it, and that was all she wrote.




      Em                                                                B7               Em

+  They say debt is a bottomless pit where the devil likes to play,

         Em                                                          A7                      D

    I'd sell my soul to get out of this hole, but there'd be hell to pay.


+  instrumental = verse 2   (orig. moves up half a note to capo 1st here)


+  CHORUS        +  C - A - G - E - A7  - D7 - G


    (Joe Diffie)