If this is goodbye    (intro)    (video)


    D -  A - G - D


   D                                  A       - D                   G

1.    Those famous last words        are lying around in tatters,

D                       A     - D                    G

    sounding absurd,        whatever I try.

D           A             - D                   G

    But I love you,        and that´s all that really matters,

D                        A    - G                          D

    if this is goodbye,         if this is goodbye.


     D                          A   - D                                  G

2.      Bright shining sun         would light up the way before me,

D                         A    - D                         - G

    you were the one,        made me feel         I could fly

D            A             - D                       G

    And I love you,         whatever is waiting for me

D                         A    - G                        D

    If this is goodbye,        if this is goodbye.


A                              D                      - A                            D

    Who knows how long we´ve got,        or what we´re made out of ?

A                                          D

    Who knows if there´s a plan or not ?

               D                                    A

    There is our love, I know there is our love.


   D                                  A       - D7                      G

3.    Those famous last words,          could never tell the story,

D                        A      - D                                  G

    spending unheard,        and the dark of the sky.

D           A            -  D                    G

    But I love you,         and this is our glory,

D                        A    - G                        D

    if this is goodbye,        if this is goodbye.


D                         A   - G                         D

    If this is goodbye,         if this is goodbye.


 + instrumental = verse 3, lines 1-4    (2x)


    (Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris)