I keep it to myself    (video)


    E - E - E - E



1. Well, wait a minute, baby, ah, what ya gonna do,


    you can call me crazy, well, I warned you.

A                                                                                                        E

    Don't wanna get turned down, don't wanna frisk nobody 'round now.


    Honey, how can you ever want another man's lovin'


    when he be no better than mine ?


    Well, I don't need help from anybody else,


     I’m gonna be your lover want to keep it to myself.



2. Here come another girl, ringing on a bell.


    this girl, that girl, well, well.

A                                                                                                        - E

    Don't follow no footsteps, don't wanna track nobody down, now,

      B7                                                           A

    one girl sitting on a train or standing on platform number 9,


    I ain't gonna tell anybody else that she lives on the corner,


    gonna keep it to myself.


+  E - E - E - E - A - A - E - E - B7 - A - E - E



3. Well, you like it in the weather, babe, but, there gonna be a time,


    even though you like me, and it's the right time.

A                                                                                           n    - E

    Somebody gonna tell you, somebody gotta put you down.

                     B7                                                      A

   Well, it's a long time coming but little by little I grab you outta my mind,


    one day when you're by yourself, and you need a little help,


    you're gonna want my lovin and I'll keep it to myself.


+  E - E - E - E - A - A - E - E - B7 - A - E


    (Roger Daltry & Wilko Johnson)