I let the stars get in my eyes    (video)


    A - D


                                          D                                              A

1. I let the stars get in my eyes, I let the moon steal my heart,


    you've been gone so long, I couldn't stay at home.


    What could I do but give to him my love,


    so dear, now he's the only one I'm thinking of.



2.  Too many miles, too many days,


    too many nights I was alone,


    his love was so grand when he held my hand,


    you know how the moonlight lures you on.


+  repeat verse 1


+  D - A - D (2x)       +  D - A - D (2x)


+  repeat verses 1 & 2        +  repeat verse 1


    (orig. = capo 2nd)    (Goldie Hill)