In your loving arms (live version)    (video)


    D ~                       D                - G                      A           D

1.         If you could see me now,       the man of sanity is rather gone,

G                       A                      D

    the one that said he'd rather be alone,

G                      A                  D

    if you could only see me now.


                          D                - G                   A                          D

2. If you could hear me now,     singin' out somewhere in the lonely night,

G                           A                          D

    dreamin' of the arms that long to hold me tight,

G                      A                    D

    if you could only hear me now.


                      G                      A             D                    Bm

But I've been so long in the wind, and too long in the rain,

G                      A                   D

    seekin' any comfort that I can.

G                                A                       D                      G

     Lookin' back and reachin' for the freedom of my chains,

Em                   A                  D

    lyin' in your lovin' arms again.


+ verse 2 as instrumental


                     D                  - G                   A               D

3. If I could hold you now,       just for a moment, pretend you’re mine,

G                 A                                      D

    just for a little while, turn back the hands of time,

G                 A                    D

    if I could only hold you now.


                              G                      A                   D

+ CHORUS    +         Lyin' in your lovin' arms again.


                     G                       A                   D

    And I can almost feel your lovin' arms again.


    (Glen Campbell)