Islands    (video)


    C - F - C    - Dm - G    - C - F - C    - Dm - G - C (2x)     +  C ~


     C                        Am

1. Islands, from the first time we saw,

                      F                                      C

    we could wait for this moment like a rock on the shore.

                   C            Am

    We can never be closer, somehow,

                  F                               C

    for the moment that lasts, is this moment now.     +  C - F - G


                      C            Am                 G                             C

2. When the night’s on fire, will you keep the candlelight burning,

             C               Am          G

    hold on to your heart’s desire ?

                       C          Am                G                            C

    When you see one bird into the wind, another one’s turning,

                   C        Am           G

    and the two can fly much higher.


             C                                                   Dm

We are islands, but never too fast, we are islands,

            G                                           C

and I need your light tonight, and I need your light tonight.   (2x)


     C                     Am

3. Islands, never been to before,

                  F                                         C

    and we climb so high to where the wild birds soar.

                      C                        Am

    There’s a new path that we found just today,

             F                                          C

   I was lost in the forest, and you showed me the way.    +   C - F - G


+  repeat verse 2       +  CHORUS (2x)


(orig. = capo 3rd; midi = capo 3rd)    (Mike Oldfield / Bonnie Tyler)