Is this it


       D           Bm        D     Bm      

1. Can't you see I'm trying, I don't even

     G      Em       G      Em   

    like it,  I   just lie to get to your       

        D            Bm          D        Bm      

    apartment, now I'm staying there just for a

       G     Em           G               Em                     D

    while,   I    can't think 'cause I'm just way too tired.


          A              D             A

Is this it ? Is this it ? Is this it ?


       D             Bm          D    Bm        

2. Said they'd give you anything you ever

      G           Em           G       Em   

    wanted, when they lied I knew they were just

      D         Bm        D       Bm         

    stable, children trying hard not to

      G      Em          G       A   

   realise   I    was sitting right behind.



    Dear can't you see, it's them it's not me,


    we're not enimies, we just disagree.


    If I was like him, all dissing his Pa,


    he changes his mind, says I went too far.

           A                                                                      - D

    We all disagree, I think we should disagree, yeah.


          A              D              A

Is this it ? Is this it ? Is this it ?


repeat verse 1, this time ending in G


(Capo 3rd)       (Strokes)