It takes a little rain    (video)


    G - C   - G - C


   Bm                               C      - G                                Dm  G

1.     Sometimes we're friends,       sometimes we're strangers,

C                                     G                              D        - D7

    and though there are tears, there's always love.

Bm                            C   - G                                   Dm G

    It hurts when you cry        from words thrown in anger,

C                                  G                              D        - D7

    warm feelings run deep, but that's not enough.


                        G - G7                          C

It takes a little rai……n to make love grow,

                                           G                                                D    - D7

it's the heartache and the pain that makes the real heart show.

                                       G - G7                                  C

Where the sun always shi…..nes there's a desert below,

                        G   - D                           G - C

It takes a little rain       to make love gro......w.


+  G - C


   Bm                      C    - G                          Dm G

2.      Hearts disagree,        then they grow closer,

C                 G                                           D      - D7

    honesty wins when it's someone you trust.

Bm                      C     - G                            DmG

    Forever takes time,      true love is never over

C                                 G                        D     - D7

    it's filled with new starts, just look at us.


+  CHORUS             +  G - C    - G


(orig. = capo 5th)    (Oakridge Boys)