I won’t mention it again    (video)


    D - F - Em - A - A7


                            D                 D7             G 

1. I know you're tired of being all I ever wanted,

                A                      A7                     D    - Em - A

    you no longer feel the love I have for you.

                              D                     D7                     G

    What happens now, what will I do with all the mem'ries,

                    A                        A7                       D

    and the dreams of all the things we'll never do ?


                                     Em   - A7                                    D

But I won't mention it again,        I won't think about tomorrow,

                Em                        A7                 D    - D7

just let it happen, live each hour, day by day.

                  G                           A7                    D             - B7

But let me tell you before you go how much I love you,

                                       Em   - A7                                D

then I won't mention it again,        I won't mention it again.


+  F - Em - A


                   D                             D7                G 

2. I feel my life has reached an early sign of autumn,

                A                             A7                   D    - Em - A

    in my heart the leaves are falling, love is cold.

                       D                             D7                        G

    And everything that once was warm and new, is gone now,

                   A                      A7                   D

    leaving nothing but this hunger in my soul.




+  F - D# - D


(orig. = capo 3rd)    (Ray Price)