Joe knows how to live    (video)    (midi)


    C ~ ~


       G7                                       C

1. Blue Monday morning at the factory gate,

    G7                            C

    almost time to clock in,

            G7                               C

    the boys were betting that Joe wouldn't show,

       F                                      G

    they'd seen him over the weekend.



    He had four new tires on his old Cadillac,


    Betty, the waitress and some clothes in the back,

                F                                                C

    and a dashboard full of road-maps of Mexico.

G                               C

    Joe knows how to live. He said ...


  Am                             Em      F                            C

Women were made to love, money is made to spend,

Am                       Em                      F                A

 life is something, buddy, you will never live again.

              Dm               - F                     G                 C

Oh, I've got to admit,        Joe sure knows how to live.


+  C ~ ~


          G7                                     C

2. By now they'll be down at the ocean,

                  G7                                     C

    he and Betty stretched out somewhere,

                    G7                              C

    the only blue in his eye is the blue moonlight,

      F                                        G

    bouncing off Betty's blond hair.













    Oh, and I can just see them rolling round on the sand,


    I never thought I was a jealous man,

                                                               - C

    but when I think what he's doing and       what I'm not,

G                                C

    Lord, I'm jealous a lot.


+  CHORUS        +  F - C - G - C


              G7                                        C

3. Now Betty's back home with her mother,

                      G7                      C

    Joe's back on the assembly line,

                 G7                                          C

    but he brings in his pictures and his Mexican hat,

     F                                 G

    just to remind us sometimes.




                 Dm                - F                    G                  C

+  Yeah, I hate to admit,       Joe sure knows how to live .....



    (orig. = capo 4th; midi = no capo)    (Eddy Raven)