Johnny Cash    (video)


    D# - D - G (2x) - - -


       Am                      G

1. I need you love in every way,

         Am                              G

    I need your strength to make me great.

             Am                        G         - D       - D7

    I've been so wrong. Am I too la.....te ?


                                          Am    - D                             G

Just hold me like Johnny Cash         when I lost my mother,

                       Am  - D                          G         - G7

whisper in my ear        just like June Carter !

            C        D                G          D Em

And though I fight these tears that I hide,

       Am         D                 C   G Am  G

just hold me tight for the rest of my life !


        Am                       G

2. I need your mind to understand,

        Am                                            G

    I need your soul, it makes me a better man.

                   Am                   G              - D        - D7

    With you by my side I'd have a cha….nce.




+  repeat verse 2 (lines 1&2 as instrumental)




+  D# - D - G (12x, with varying bits of lyrics) ....


    (Lenny Kravitz)