Just in case    (video)


    G ~ G ~



1. I saw you walkin' down the street just the other day,

C                                                                             G

    took one little look at me and turned the other way.

C                                                G

    Can't say I blame you but I'd like for you to know,

      C       G                    D                G

    how wrong I was, to ever let you go.



Just in case, you ever change your mind,


if you suddenly decide to give me one more try,

            G                                   C                G

I'll be waitin' in the wings, just lookin' for a sign,

                             D                 G

just in case you change your mind.



2.    What can I say, darling, what can I do ?

C                                                                                         G

    Well, I've gotta find some way to change your point of view.

C                                              G

    I've always loved you and that's a natural fact,

    C  G                                            D                       G

    if you could only find it in your heart to take me back.




+  instrumental = verse 2


+  CHORUS ....


(orig. = capo 1st)    (Forester Sisters)