Laughter in the rain    (video)    (midi)


    D - G - D - G


         D                              Em

1. Strolling along country roads with my baby,

    A                               D

    it starts to rain, it begins to pour. 

            D                                Em

    Without an umbrella we're soaked to the skin,

    A                           D

    I feel a shiver run up my spine. 

Bm                                      E          Em   - A

    I feel the warmth of her hand in mine. 


 Gm - C               F                    Dm

Oo.......h, I hear laughter in the rain,

  Gm                                          F

walking hand in hand with the one I love.

 Gm - C             F                    Dm

Oo......h, how I love the rainy days,

              Bb                           A - A7

and the happy way I feel


     D                             Em

2. After a while we run under a tree.

    A                                D

    I turn to her and she kisses me. 

        D                                   Em

    There with the beat of the rain on the leaves 

      A                                      D

    softly she breathes and I close my eyes. 

Bm                                       E        Em     - A

    Sharing our love under stormy skies. 


+  CHORUS         +   D - Em - A - D (2x)


  Bm                                      E          Em   - A

+     I feel the warmth of her hand in mine.            +  CHORUS (2x) ...


(orig. = capo 3rd)    (Neil Sedaka)