Leave me alone (Ruby Red Dress)    (video)


    D ~ ~


     D                    C              - D                                 C

1. Big ole Ruby Red Dress,       wanders round the town,

D                       C          - D                                C

    talkin’ to herself now,        sometimes sittin’ down.

D                                C             - D                       C

    Don’t you get too close now,        Ruby runs away,

D                           C                D

    poor ole Ruby Red Dress, born on a sorry day,


    I can hear her say...


   G                                       Bm

Leave me alone, won’t you leave me alone,

              Em                            G

please, leave me alone now, leave me alone,

        G                            Bm

oh, leave me alone, just leave me alone,

             Am            D

please, leave me, leave me !


+  repeat CHORUS


      D                    C             - D                    C

2. Big ole Ruby Red Dress,       everybody laughs,

D                             C        - D                                    C

    say she’s got no future,        and never made no past.

D                                    C      - D                                     C

    Something hurt that Ruby,        something she can’t bear,

D                                   C              - D

    you look at her real close now,        you see a little tear,


    when she says, now....


+  CHORUS (2x)


(orig. moves up half a note to capo 1st here)


+  G - Bm - Em - G   - C - D


   D                                     C             - D                              C

3.    Some folks say some farm boy         up from Tennessee,

D                          C      - D                              C

    taught it all to Ruby,          then just let her be.

D                                C        - D                                    C

    Her daddy tried to hide it,        tried to keep things cool,

D                                                C                D

    but something happened to Ruby, she broke down to a fool,


    who just said, now...


+  CHORUS (2x) ....



    (Helen Reddy)