Let the children have a world    (video)


     C - Am - F - C - G - C


               C                                               G

1. There is a place for the child in your heart

          G                          F              C

    as long as you still believe in a fairytale,

           C7           F                 C                G         C

    and always know deep inside we are all the same.


               C                                                                        G

Let the children have a world where there is no pain or sorrow,

                                                                      G7                    C

where they all can live tomorrow and they share a brighter day.

               C                                                                        G

Let the children have a world where the people can be free,

                                                                    G7                           C

where they all can join together and their hearts will share a dream.


           C                                                G

2. A child will find its own place in the sunlight,

          G                                F              C

    a child has hope, crystal light in his eyes,

        C7           F         C                G           C

    I want the world to love every boy and girl.




(orig. moves up half a note to capo 1st here)




    (Dana Winner)