Listen to your heart   (midi)


  Am                      F                        G                   Am

1. I know there`s something in the wake of your smile,

 `                F                     G               Am

    I get a notion from the look in your eyes.

                       F                  G             Am

    You built a love but that love falls apart,

                                             F               Dm

    your little piece of heaven     turns to dark.


                        Am     F                     C              G

Listen to your heart,       when he`s calling for you,

                       Am     F                            C                  G

listen to your heart,       there`s nothing else you can do.

               C                          G             F                      C

I don`t know where you`re going, and I don`t know why,

                             Am    F      G                                  AmFGAm

but listen to your heart       before you tell him goodbye.


  Am                        F                  G                  Am

2. Sometimes you wonder if this fight is worthwhile,

                           F           G              Am

    the precious moments lost in the dark.

                                F                      G            Am

    They`re swept away and nothing is what it seems,

                                          F               Dm

    the feeling of belonging     to your dreams.  + CHORUS



    And there are voices that want to be heard,


    so much to mention but you can`t find the words.

A                                           G

    The scent of magic, the beauty that`s been,

 A                                   G

    when love was wilder     than the wind.


CHORUS (last word=before)  + CHORUS