Lolene    (video)


    Dm - F - C


                          C       F          C

1. When but a boy I courted Sally,

                          C                          Am

    my life was young, not quite sixteen.

                            F                             C

    We talked of things I sometimes dreamed of,

                            Dm         F           C

    and things beyond my wildest dreams.


                    C         F        C

2. At seventeen I met Wynonna,

                           C                   Am

    her warm red lips set me aglow.

                              F                                C

    She taught me things she should not teach me,

                         Dm              F              C

    more than a young man ought to know.


                          C           F              C

3. At nineteen years my love was Sarah,

                             C                    Am

    she was much older than the rest.

                      F                            C

    Of all the men, she said, had kissed her,

                           Dm     F               C

    she loved the way I kissed her best.


                     Am                   C

    Time has flown and I am older,

                          Am                 C

    my years are five and thirty-five.

                           F                        C

    Too late, too late, I've met my lover,

                    Dm     F      C

    a woman very much alive.


                      C               F             C

4. Lolene, Lolene, your name is music,

                               C                            Am

    your nearness makes my blood run wild.







                F                    C

    Alas, alas, I cannot claim you,

                         Dm   F                  C

    compared to me you're but a child.


                       C          F          C

5. So one last time I must be with you

                        C                              Am

    and kiss the lips that thrilled my heart.

                             F                        C

    And then goodbye, no more to see you,

                Dm          F      C     - Am - C - Am

    forever we must be apart ...


(orig. = capo 4th)    (Marty Robbins)