Lonesome 77203    (video)


    G - D - G - C - D


                    G                                                   C

1. Had our number changed today although I hated to,

                    D                                                                  G

    but each time the phone would ring they'd want to speak to you.

                G                                                         C

    And it hurts to tell them you're not here with me,

                   G                   D7                     G

    may be now, oh, telephone, will let me be.


                G                                                   C

2. It's not in the book now so you'd better write it down,

                D                                                    G

    just in case your love for me should ever come around.

                       G                                                    C

    You might want to call and break the news to me,

                  G               D7 G

    just call lonesome 77203.


+  G - D - G - C - D


        G                                             C

3. I keep the telephone beside me all the time,

                  D                                                           G

    hoping you might want to call and say you've changed your mind.

               G                                                        C

    If you do, then, darling, you know where I'll be,

              G                D7 G

    I'm at lonesome 77203.


                       G                                          C

4. You're the only one I'm giving our new number to,

                 D                                                 G

    so now if the telephone should ring I'll know it's you.

               G                                             C

    If you ever long for love that used to be,

                  G               D7 G    C          G               D7 G

    just call lonesome 77203.  Just call lonesome 77203.


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Hawkshaw Hawkins)