Loose talk    (video)    (clip)


    G - D - A - A7 - D


          D                                               A

1. So long we've been married, life's burdens we've carried,

                 D                                        E                    A    - A7

    though faith kept us humble and made our love true.

             D                                          A

    But plans that we made up, someone seems to break up,

           D                  A                 D       - D7

    oh darling, what else can we do ?


         G                                      D

We may have to leave here to find peace of mind, dear,

            A                                     D              D7

someplace where we can live a life all our own.

      G                                         D

For I know you l love me, and happy we could be,

     A                         A7            D

if some folks would leave us alone.     +  instrumental = CHORUS


             D                                      A

2. While I go out walking, there's lots of loose talking,

             D                                      E                 A     - A7

    they say you're unhappy and we'll break apart.

             D                                   A

    But, darling, it's not true, because I still love you,

           D            A              D     - D7

    and I do with all of my heart.  


+  CHORUS       + instrumental = CHORUS


               D                                      A

3. They say you are leaving, that you are deceiving,

            D                                    E                 A     - A7

    but you tell me they say the same about me.

            D                                                       A

    But we'll show them they're wrong, their loose talk can't do harm,

             D                    A                   D   - D7

    and hope that the truth they will see.           +  CHORUS  


    (Carl Smith)