Lost in the Fifties tonight    (video)    (midi)


    C - Em   - C - Em


    C                                       - Em

1.     Close your eyes, baby,           follow my heart,

F                                    - Fm

    call on the memories          here in the dark.

C                                - D7

    We'll let the magic           take us away,

Dm                                      G                           G7

    back to the feeling we shared when they'd play.


            C            Am                     F                       G

In the still of the night, hold me, darling, hold me tight !

       - C                                   G  - Am

Oh,       shoo-doop, shoo-be do,         shoo-doop doo,

G     F         G                                    C

so real, so right, lost in the Fifties tonight.


+  C - E - F - G


    C                                      - Em

2.     These precious hours           we know we can't survive,

F                                    - Fm

    love's all that matters          while the past is alive.

C                                  - D7

    Now and for always          till time disappears,

Dm                                         G            G7

    we'll hold each other whenever we hear.


+  CHORUS     +  C - E - F - G


    C                                    G  - Am                                   G

+      Shoo-doop, shoo-be do,          shoo-doop, shoo-be do,

F                                              G

    shoo-doop, shoo-be do, so right, shoo-doop, shoo-be do !


+  repeat the last two lines (2x)  ....


(orig. = capo 5th)    (Ronnie Milsap)