Martyr    (intro)


   Em ~ Em                      D            Em                  D             Em

1.                I've been a martyr for love, and I will die in the flames,

              D                  Em                 D              Em

    as I draw my last breath, as I'm close in on death,

             D                  C

    I will call out your name.


    Em            D                       Em              D              Em

2.         I've been a martyr for love, nailed up on the cross,

                          D               Em              D              Em

    while you're having your fun, as the damage is done,

               D                 C

    I'm assessing the cost.


D                    B7                 Em          C

    I knew what I was letting myself in for,

D                   B7                  Em             C       + Em ~ ~

    I knew that I could never even the score.


   Em                      D           Em                   D              Em

3.      I've been a martyr for love, I need to be by your side,

                   D               Em             D             Em

    I have knelt at your feet, I have felt you deceit,

                        D        C

    could have leave if I tried.


   Em                     D           Em                 D        Em

4.     I've been a martyr for love, tortured every hour,

                    D            Em                     D                Em

    from the day I was born I've been moved like a pawn

                  D              C

    by the greatest of powers.


D                  B7                       Em          C

    I knew that I would have to suffer in vain,

D                 B7                    Em                C    ~ - E ~

    aware that I would never outgrow the pain.


Em                    D            Em    ~ ~

    I've been a martyr for love.           (4x)


(orig. = capo 4th)   (Depeche Mode)