Maybe this Christmas    (video)


    C - G - Dm - C


       C                  G                  Dm                      C

1. Maybe this Christmas will mean something more,

       F                     Dm                        C                           Am

    maybe this year love will appear, deeper than ever before.


               C            G                 Dm           C

2. And maybe forgiveness will ask us to call

      F                          Dm

    someone we love, someone we've lost

           C                                    Am

    for reasons we can't quite recall,

             F                           G     C

    mm mm, maybe this Christmas.


    Em                                  F

+       Maybe there'll be an open door,

Em                                  F                         Dm                      - G

    maybe the star that shined before will shine once more.


+  C - G - Dm - C       - F - Dm    - C - Am


       C                  G                Dm          C

3. Maybe this Christmas will find us at last,

            F                        Dm

    in Heaven at peace, prayed for at least,

                C                                             Am

    for the love we've been shown in the past,

          F                           G    C

    oh oh, maybe this Christmas.

             F                           G     C     - G - Dm - C

    Mm mm, maybe this Christmas.



(orig. = capo 4th)   (Ron Sexsmith)