May the bird of paradise fly up your nose    (video)


    D - A - D


                     D                               A                D

1. One fine day as I was walking down the street


    spied a beggar man with rags upon his feet.

                  D                      D7               G

    Took a penny from my pocket in his tin cup I did drop it,

                D                      A                       D

    and I heard him say as I made my retreat.



May the bird of paradise fly up your nose,


may an elephant caress you with his toes,

                  D                              D7                   G

may your wife be plagued with runners in her hose,

               D                A                       D

may the bird of paradise fly up your nose.              +  D - A - D


             D                      A                 D

2. Our laundry man is really on his toes,


    found a hundred dollar bill among my clothes.

                      D                        D7

    When he called me I came running,


    gave him back his dime for phoning,

                D                        A                   D

    and I heard him saying as I turned to go.    +  CHORUS   +  D - A - D


                D                       A                        D

3. I was way behind one day to catch the train,


    the Taxi driver said, “We'll make it just the same !”

                D                        D7                           G

    The speed cop made it with us and as he wrote out the ticket,

                 D                A                      D

    I stood by politely waiting for my change.      +  CHORUS ....


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Little Jimmy Dickens)