Midnight caller    (intro)    (midi)


   G - G7 - G - G7


   C                                      Em     - F                                     C

1.     Beneath the midnight caller,        she thinks of paper green,

F                                     C              Am

    you never hear them calling her name.

Dm                                                G

    they just know where they've been.


   C                                  Em     - F                                  C

2.    You never hear her holler,       the tears no longer come,

F                                   C               Am  - Dm                                G

    she reads her daily book of the past          that shows of everyone.


Am                          Em                    - F                       C

    Grey years that show in her hair,      can't be, but don't seem to care,

Am                                                F           Dm       + G - G7 - G - G7

    she locks the door and there's no one there.


   C                                      Em     - F                                      C

3.      She sees a daytime stroller        walk from the night before,

F                                             C               Am

    and though she paints a smile on her face,

Dm                                   G

     he won't be back no more.


   C                                   Em     - F                                     C

4.    She's got no saint to follow,       she's got no place to go,

F                                   C                  Am  - Dm                                    G

    too proud to ask an old friend for help,         too proud to let him know.


Am                          Em                    - F                       C

    Grey years that show in her hair,      can't be, but don't seem to care,

Am                                                   F          Dm    

    she knocks the door and there's no one there

C                      F                           C                                  F            Fm

    Nobody (nobody), nobody (nobody), nobody's gonna help you now.


(orig. + midi = capo 5th)    (Badfinger)