Mid the green fields of Virginia    (video)


    instrumental intro = verse 1


                    G                                         C

1. Mid the green fields of Virginia in the vale of Shanadoah,

                     D                                             G

    there's an ivy covered homestead that I love,

                    G                                                     C

    with it's white old fashioned chimney and it's simple homelike hours,

                 D                                                G

    tis the home of my dear parents now above.



There's a peaceful cottage there, a happy home so dear,

         D                                               G

my heart is longing for them day by day.

                 G                                             C

Where I spent life's golden hours in the vale of Shanadoah,

                 D                                         G

mid the green fields for Virginia, far away.


+  instrumental = verse 1


                    G                                                C

2. Mid the green fields of Virginia stands an old mill by the stream,

                  D                                                   G

    I once wandered to that spot to sing and play.

                     G                                             C

    And how often I would throw the stone into the pebbling brook,

                     D                                             G

    I would dream someday it'd carry me away.


+  CHORUS     +  instrumental = verse 2




(orig. = capo 2nd)    (The Carter Family)