Milk cow blues  (live version)    (video)    (midi)


introduction = verse 1 as instrumental



1. Well, I did woke up this morning and I looks out my door,


    hey, I could tell my milk cow, I could tell by the way she lows.

                    D                                                                            A

    So if you see my milk cow, well drive, drive, help her back home,

                           E                                 D                                         A   - E

    ‘cause I ain't had no milk and butter long since the cow's been gone.


+ instrumental = verse 1



2. Well, I tried everything, woman, just to get along with you,


    and now I'm going to tell you what I'm gonna do.


    Well, you know I'm gonna stop a-crying, I'm a a-gonna leave you alone,


    if you don't think I'm leaving, honey, count the days I'm gone,

                                        D                        A

    cause you're gonna need your loving daddy's help someday,


    and you will definitely be sorry,

       D                                                        A     - E

    cause you treat your man the wrong way.          + instr.= verse 3 (3x)



3. Well, just treat your man right, woman, day by day,


    and get out your little prayer book, get down on your knees and pray,

                                         D                                               A

    cause you're gonna need a lovin' daddy's help some day,


    and you are going to be sorry,

                   D                                            A     - E

    you just treat your old man the wrong way.


+ instrumental = verse 3 (2x) + A          (midi in C - F - G ....(Glen Campbell)