Morning of my life    (video)    (clip)    (midi)


                 G                            C                 G

1. In the morning, when the moon is at its rest,

                                         C                     G

    you will find me at the time I love the best,

                    Am                             Bm

    watching rainbows play on the sunlight,

                   Am                   Bm

    pools of water iced from cold nights,

               Am         - C                                    D

    in the morning,       'tis the morning of my life.


                G                     C                   G

2. In the daytime, I will meet you as before,

                                           C                    G

    you will find me waiting by the ocean floor,

                  Am                  Bm

    building castles in the shifting sands,

            Am                      Bm

    in a world that no one understands,

               Am         - C                                      D

    in the morning,        'tis the morning of my life,

                 Am       C       G

    'tis the morning of my life.


                 G                  Am

    In the morning of my life,

       C                     D                    G

    minutes take so long to drift away.

                         G                      Am

     Please, be patient with your life,

                    C                            D                      G

    it's only morning and you’re still to live your way.


               G                   C                      G

3. In the evening, I will fly you to the moon,

               G                                           C                  G

    to the top right hand corner, of the ceiling in my room,

                        Am               Bm

    where we’ll stay until the sun shines,







                  Am                     Bm

    another day to swing on clothes lines,

                    Am        - C                                    D

    may I be yawning,      ’tis the morning of my life,

                   C                  G

    tis the morning of my life.

                 G                      G                      G

    In the morning. In the morning. In the morning.


(orig. = no capo; midi = capo 7th)    (The Bee Gees)