Morninride    (video)    (midi)


    G ~ ~



1. There's a quiet time in the early dawn,

         D                                      D7

    before the mornin' paper, before the coffee's on.

                         G                                                 C

    When there ain't much movin' in the world outside,

    C                                            D

    oh, I'd love to take a mornin' ride.



2. My baby knows it's the time we share,

D                                       D7

    she wakes me gently, brushes back her hair.

                      G                                               C

    And she moves into my arms, sweet and slow,

    C                     D               G

    I can't wait to get up and go.



Gonna take my baby on a mornin' ride,


when the sun comes slippin' 'round the mountainside,

               F - C                G

'bout an hou...r, maybe two.

          F                     C                         D

Ain't nothin' me and her would rather do


than see the green grass glist'nin' in the mornin' dew,


while the world is still damn spankin' new.

             C                               - G               C

Oh, I know how beautiful the        day will be,

                 Em                    D            G

when she takes a mornin' ride with me.


(orig. moves up a full note to capo 2nd here)












2. And when we get back, it will feel so right

          D                                 D7

    to just lay back and linger in the mornin' light.

                           G                                                 C

    Then she'll smile at me, thinkin' where we've been,

      C                   D              G

    wantin' me to take her again.




(orig. moves up a full note to capo 4th here)


+  CHORUS ....



    (Lee Greenwood)