My hangup is you    (video)


     C                  G                   - D7                          G

    Everybody's got one, baby,       my hang-up is you !


   G                                           G7                       C

1.    Everybody's got one, the hang-up of some kind,


    call it habit or call it weakness,

                A7                         D

    thank goodness I've got mine.


    The wanting, the craving, the needing

                       G7                          C

    keeps my world from falling through,

                          G                   - D7                          G

    everybody's got one, baby,        my hang-up is you.



    I’ve hung up all the thrills I feel,


    when I hold you in my arms,


    I'm hung up because I need your love

                     G                              D     - D7

    to wrap around and keep me warm.



2. You're my little piece of heaven,

                          G7                   C

    you're all I've got to hang on to,

                          G                   - D7                         G   - G7

    everybody's got one, baby,        my hang-up is you.

      C                  G                    - D7                           C    - G

    Everybody's got one, baby,          my hang-up is you.


(orig. = capo 1st)   (Freddy Hart)