My kind of woman    (video)


    G ~


           G                C

She’s my kind of woman,

              C                                                                   D

from the tip of her toes to her cute little nose she’s a lady,


and she loves me.

                  G                 C

Yes, she’s my kind of woman,

              C                                                                           D

and just lately it seems she’s in all of my dreams ‘cause I love her,


she’s my baby.


   G                  C          - D                         G

1.    I see her coming,        I can hear her calling me,

C                        D                      G

    the sound of laughter fills the air.

G                    C        - D                     G

    The rain is falling,        but it don’t bother me,

C                        D                         G           D7

    everything is fine when she is there. Because ....


+  CHORUS      (orig. moves up half a note to capo 1st here)


   G                   C           - D                         G

2.    At night beside me        I can see her gentle smile,

C                    D                        G

    the worries of the day have passed.

G                       C         - D                        G

    She beckons to me,        and whispers in my ear,

C                             D                G           D7

    “Oh, it’s good to be alone at last”. Oh yes....   


+  CHORUS  ....


    (Gene Rockwell)