My old Virginia home    (video)


    D - G - D     - D - A - D


               D                                          G                    D

1. It was on one winter day from my home I went away,

              D                                                           A

    far away from friends and home I longed to roam.

               D                                          G                      D

    But tonight I'm lone and sad, just a little homesick lad,

                  D                     A                 D

    and I'm longing for my old Virginia home


          D           G        D                      G                                D

I'm a lad from old Virginia, bravely knocking my way back home,

             D       G                   D                        A                A7

to that cabin home in the mountains never more let me roam.

          D           G        D                   G                       D

I'm a lad from old Virginia and I'm coming, coming home,

               D       G         D                 A                 D

there I'll settle down forever in my old Virginia home.


+  instrumental = verse 1


                 D                                          G                              D

2. Since I left that little shack how my mind has wandered back,

               D                                        A

    how mother often prayed for her lad.

                    D                                     G                      D

    But from her I went astray, and I know I've dearly paid,

                D                        A                     D

    so I'm coming back to mother and my dad.




+  D - G - D       - D - A - D


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (The Carter Family)