My shoes keep walking back to you    (video)    (midi)


    A - A7 - D


               D                                              A

1. I may say that I don't care, hold my head up in the air,

                                            A7                         D

    even tell my friends I'm glad that you don't call,

               D                                        A

    but when the day is through my heartaches start anew,

                                  A7                      D

    and that's when I miss you most of all.


               D                             A

And my arms keep reaching for you,

               - A7                           D

my eyes         keep searching for you,

       D    - D7                      G

my lips          keep calling for you,

                 A               A7                     D

and my shoes keep walking back to you.        + A - A7 - D


                       D                                           A

2. No matter how much I pretend, I wish I had you back again,

                                                A7                       D

    cause no one else means half as much as you.

             D                                         A

    The day you said good-bye my world just seem to die,

                                        A7               D

    and I can't forget no matter what I do.




                       A               A7                    D      - A - D

+   And my shoes keep walking back to you.


(orig.=capo 1st; video=capo 3rd; midi=no capo)    (Ray Price)