No milk and honey in Baltimore    (video)


    G ~ ~


      G                                 C               G

1. We left the farm, ‘twas early one morn',

         G                                          D

    determined we'd be back no more.

            G                                  C                 G

    My wife had an uncle that worked ever day

             G                                D           G

    in a nut and bolt factory up in Baltimore.


             G                          C                  G

2. The day we arrived to start our new life

           G                                         D

    our big dreams had started to sour.

        G                     C           G

    I got me a job a-carrying odds,

        G                              D             G

    breathing the smog of old Baltimore.


              C                                      G

    That dirt, it was black and the work hurt my back,

                  G                               D

    and I swore I could do it no more.

            G                                       C               G

    Yes, I thought I'd die from the sun in the sky,

       G                                        D           G

    things would get better here in Baltimore.


+  G - D - G


              G                              C                  G

3. The next thing I knew my wife took the flu,

                   G                                        D

    and the doctor bills soon made us poor.

            G                                 C                G

    And to make ends meet I started to sweep

               G                           D            G

    those dirty old streets up in Baltimore.










                G                            C                  G

4. The smell of the bay, the buildings of gray

               G                               D

    was more than I bargained for.

       G                         C                 G

    If I had my way I'd go home today,

                      G                                   D           G

    for there's no milk and honey here in Baltimore.

                       G                                   D           G

    For there's no milk and honey here in Baltimore !


(orig. = capo 1st)    (Buck Owens)