Nothing left to lose    (video)


   G                      D           C           G    - C

1.     Nothing’s good, the news is bad,

G                         D              C               G    - C

    the heat goes on and it drives you mad.

G                   D                            Em     D                         C

    Scornful thoughts that fly your way, you should turn away,

                             D                       G    - D - C

    ’cause there’s nothing more to say.


   G                         D            C        G    - C

2.    You gave the best you had to give,

G                 D            C       G    - C

    you only have one life to live.

G                          D                       Em     D                   C

    You fought so hard you were a slave, after all you gave,

                       D                   G

    there was nothing left to save.


D - Em                                          C

            You’ve got nothing left to lose,

                     C         D      Em 

(you’ve got nothing left to lose),


no, you’ve got nothing left to lose,

                               C         D            Em

(who’d wanna be standing in your shoes).


   G                         D            C            G    - C

3.    You read the book, you turn the page,

G                              D            C            G      - C

    you change your life in a thousand ways.

G                        D                         Em                   D               C

    The dawn of reason lights your eyes, with the key you realize,

               D                      G      - C - C - G

    to the kingdom of the wise. 


+  instrumental = verse 2












   G                D              C          G        - C

4.    Nothing ventured, nothing gained,

G                D              C           G           - C

    no more lingering doubt remained,

G                D                 Em

    nothing sacred or profane,

     D                   C                              D

    everything to gain, ‘cause you’ve nothing left.


+  Em - Am - Em - Am        +  F#m - B - F#m - B      - F#m - B


+  G#m - C#m - G#m - C#m (2x)     +  G#m - C#m    - G#m



(orig. = capo 3rd)    (Alan Parsons Project)